Film does have a unique look, texture and feel that is amazing. I think it fits newborn photography so well, which is why I’m in love with the shoot I was able to do with little Sixtine last week. It was my first newborn session captured entirely on film. For the session, I have call a makeup artist and hair dresser to take care of Marie. Marie really looks pretty and feminine and confident. The skin looks softer, the light is pure and the magic that happens when you put a new baby to sleep is captured. I choose with Marie, comfortable clothes in natural tones. It was very important for me, she feels  like home. Sixtine was a really cute baby with her long hair and big eyes wide-open. Film is really a great media to shoot in a bright place. Here’s my vision of a newborn session. No props, no posing.

I choose film because my goal is to create timeless images for my clients. I want their baby’s photos to have the same sense of nostalgia that baby photos of their grandparents have. So now, the best way to take advantages of these photographies is to print them. Don’t forget to print your memories.

There is something so incredibly special about a firstborn child. Everything is so new. Every gesture so gentle and every glance filled with such an incredible amount of adoration and an overwhelmingly amount of love. Hope this session warms your heart as much as it did mine this day ! If you like these images and are interested in having some of your own I would love to hear from you !

This session was captured on my Mamiya 645 with Fuji Pro 400h and developed and scanned by Carmencita. I work with my lab to balance the baby redskin with the mother which is more neutral. We succeeded on that. We’ve made a pretty good team !

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